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Busy times

Life has been very busy of late, with school drop offs and looking after twins plus working on some very cool projects sculpting miniatures.

I've still managed to keep up with my own creations that will hopefully be available soon, and thanks to the purchase of a resin 3d printer i can now print out prototypes to make sure im happy with the transfer from computer screen to the real world, plus i always get a kick out of seeing pixels transformed into a physical thing.

It still amazes me that this technology is now available and accessible to most people, it was only a few years ago if you wanted something printed at high detail the cost would be prohibitive. Im very excited to see where 3d printers will be in 5 years time, for me its always about getting the highest and most accurate detail from screen to printer...

Below is my latest sculpture to be printed, i split it up into three parts, head, torso and base and the next step is to assemble and assess if there are things i want to change, also now its in my hands i can think about how i will mould and cast it and whether i will need to split it in to more pieces to make the reproduction process possible.

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