Desert of the Dead (Digital sculptor for Troll Trader, Miniature war gaming figures)

Banjo Creatives (Digital sculptor, WWE, DrWho, Marvel, D.C)

Creative Media Skill Pinewood (Teaching MA Students prosthetic sculpture and mould making)

MIB International (Prosthetic sculptor for Animated Extras)

Artemis Fowl (Prosthetic sculptor for KMEffects)

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (CG lighting reference sculptor KMEffects)

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance (Poly carving scenery) 

Dumbo (Sculpting Dumbo for CG stand in for David White)

Life (Prosthetic sculptor for KMEffects)

The Mummy (Prosthetic sculptor for David White) (KMEffects)

Black Mirror (Prosthetic sculptor for KMEffects)

King Arthur Legend of the Sword (Prosthetic sculptor for KMEffects)

Louis Vuitton (Window display, Sculptor for Scenic Sets Ltd)

Kristyan Mallett FX Prosthetic sculpting for various projects including multi piece old age and fat make ups

Centenary Soldier, for the British Legion and artist Mark Humphrey  (Lead Sculptor for Universal Creations)

Marco Polo (Sculptor, Creatures Inc)

Grimsby (Sculptor, on-set for Creatures Inc)

Exodus (Sculptor For BGI)

Loewe (Window display, Head of Sculpting department for Set Square Staging Ltd.) 

Dr Who  (Designer, Sculptor and Mouldmaker for MillenniumFX)

Chernobyl Diaries (Prosthetic Sculptor for MillenniumFX)

Wizards vs Aliens (Designer and Sculptor for MillenniumFX)

Darkshadows (Sculptor and Mouldmaker)

Wrath of the Titans (Mouldmaker for Creatures Inc)

Iron Maiden, Eddie suit and giant head (Fabricator and Painter for MillenniumFX)

Being Human season 2&3 (Sculptor and Mouldmaker for MillenniumFX)

Top Gear Live tour (Designer, Sculptor, Mouldmaker and Painter for MillenniumFX)

Sarah Jane Adventures (Sculptor for MillenniumFX)